St. Paul Cruise Day 6 Thessaloniki 

by Steve Ray on October 31, 2015

Last night we had some amazing winds and waves but everyone weathered well. It was amazing to meditate and St. Paul and the, at least for shipwrecks he experienced, and to be able to see the waves and the wind as he would’ve seen it on the Mediterranean Sea.

We are on a large heavy luxury cruise ship but when Paul and his companions, and Saint John and Mary heading for Ephesus and back to Jerusalem, and other sea-faring travelers voyaged the Mediterranean, they didn’t have the luxury we experienced. And those days they had to rent space on the deck of cargo ships and provide all of their own supplies for the voyage.

Imagining the life and traveling experience and sufferings of the early Christians puts us to shame.

Today we started our our day with Mass at the Catholic Cathedral in Thessaloniki Greece. From there we did a tour of the Thessaloniki and came back for a great lunch and some free time. Some of the folks went back into Thessaloniki to explore some more.

Later in the day I gave my talk “The Life and Teaching of St. Paul” to get everyone ready for all of the sites will visit in the next few days.

Then another good dinner and a free evening before heading north to Philippi. Enjoy the videos.



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