Year of St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise

by Steve Ray on July 11, 2008

PaulPilgrimageBrochureSm.jpgSt. Paul Cruise 
March 3-14, 2009

Click here — for brochure and info on our chartered cruise in the Mediterranean to follow the footprints of St. Paul. The ship awaits us! The dates are March 4-14, 2009 and the cost is affordable.

We will visit Corinth, Athens, Perga, Ephesus, Tarsus, Antioch, Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Egypt and more. 

For more info right now, call Corporate Travel at 800-727-1999; ask for Jeanine at extension 116 or Sue at extension 158.

Our ship — The Cristal



  • Lynn Reynolds says:

    Dear Steve, This is my dream trip, exactly what I have been looking for! However, it falls at the time of my mother's 90th birthday- March 11, 2009. How can I explain to the family and her that I would rather be on this trip than celebrating her 90th? A little selfish and not honoring my mother…huh? Please change date of cruise for any other week-ha,ha! What are the chances of this trip being repeated?

    God Bless, Lynn ( Becky's daughter-in-law)

    STEVE RAY HERE: Sorry Lynn. I can't change the date since the cruise line sets that and I don't think we will do another St. Paul trip right away. However, if this works well we will try to do future cruises with biblical themes. 

  • Yolanda Craven says:

    Dear Steve,

    My Husband and I came across this magnificant cruise opportunity and are very excited. We are planning to take our children along ages 14 and 11 with us. Please tell me that you and your wife will be there. I am so excited, we are planning, hoping there is still room to book this trip immediately. We are taking our children out of school and offering them the best educational trip of their lives.

    Can’t wait to Sail the Seas with you-


    Yolanda Craven

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