Steve Visits Magdala

by Steve Ray on July 22, 2011

Several years ago we joined Fr. John Solana on a visit to Magdala, home of Mary Magdalen. Fr. John was appointed head of the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem by the late Pope John Paul II. We went up to Galilee to shoot a TV show at the ruins of the old city of Magdala — home of Mary Magdalene. Joe Reynolds, our videographer from Skyline Productions, did the video work.

Above is just a 2-minute video clip of the ruins of Magdala and the stones you see me walking on are part of the ancient Via Maris, the Way by the Sea. Jesus and his disciples walked along this road just about every day since it was the main thoroughfare along the sea.

For more about the Madala project with more pictures and information, visit


  • Andy says:

    Looks really cool. I can’t wait to see the virtual tour.

  • Bill Donaghy says:

    I teach a biblical studies course at a private boys school in PA. We’ve been using your Footprints of God DVDs and we’re planning on touching base with your blog each day. Have fun! We’re praying for your safety and looking forward to seeing some great biblically inspired videos!

    PS – the boys loved the scene in the David/Solomon video when you poured oil on your head. LOVED IT.

  • Tony McNosky says:

    The test was successful….. will be looking forward to seeing you daily uploads of videos. Guess this is the nest best thing to being there. I am there in spirit. Love ya Dee. As they say in Texas….. Ya’ll have a great day. Tony

  • Maria says:

    Me hubiera gustado ver el video de la visita de Steve a Magdala.
    Google me dice que la dirección debe ser “www.magdalaproject.ORG” en vez de COM pero ni así pude “abrirlo”.
    Saludos desde el Norte de México.

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