Temple Mount, Bethany, Jericho, Bethel & Satya

by Steve Ray on February 18, 2020

Another four amazing sites today. We started out on Temple Mount which is now under the control of the Muslims but where Solomon’s Temple once stood an the temple Jesus knew and loved. It is also called Mount Moriah. Then to Bethany where Jesus lived with Lazarus, Martha and Mary. It was his home and headquarters in the Jerusalem area. We had Mass there and saw the tomb of Lazarus (homily here).

Then to the lowest place on the face of the earth in the Jordan Valley. We had lunch at Jericho and saw Elisha’s Spring. From there up into the mountains between Jerusalem and Samaria to visit Bethel which is where Abraham and Jacob both built altars and where the Ark of the Covenant stood for a while (Steve Ray’s talk at Bethel). Then to Satya’s for the chef’s tasting dinner.

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