The Agony, the Eucharist & the Spirit, the Dormition, the Whole Story, the Nativity of Mary, Healing at the Pools

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2013

Today was rich. Mass at Gethsemane. Prayer in the Upper Room. Remembering the dormition, Assumption and Queenship of Mary.

Lunch at a Jewish Kibbutz. Story of Salvation History from Adam & Eve until today overlooking the whole story before our eyes.

Singing at the Church of St. Ann where Mary was born. Talking about the miracle of Jesus at Bethesda.

Free afternoon and evening with great dinner at St. George.


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  • B Craven says:

    It must feel like a dream being there!!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Looks like another amazing beautiful day!!!! We will wait patiently for another great dance video…in the mean time… God bless you Fr. Janusz and everyone else too! Love, The Craven Family

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