The Long and Winding Road up Tabor; Will They Say "I DO" Again?; Where Did the Word Become Flesh?

by Steve Ray on January 30, 2013

(Thanks for all your comments below. Everyone loves hearing them on the bus!)

Today was a marvelous day of adventure, prayer, friendship, and learning the Bible.

We did not want to kill our poor pilgrims who are still a bit weary from jet lag and travel so we took in three important Rosary sites and walked in the footprints of Jesus on top of the Mount of Transfiguration, Cana and Nazareth.

Remember that Jesus lived to be thirty-three years old and of those he lived quietly in Nazareth for thirty of those years. We talked about the Annunciation and how the angel met the 15 year old Mary that probably had muddy feet at the time of meeting. We also discussed the typical day in the life of the Holy Family.

The couples all renewed their wedding vows. One couple celebrated their 50th anniversary in Cana today. Well I could say more, but you can see it all for yourself and I hope it helps the Bible come alive for you like it is for all of us.

Discussing the day and all we saw during the free time before dinner





Part 1: Transfiguration and Cana

Part 2: Nazareth and Mass at the Annunciation


  • Tre Lieben says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with the rest of us. I can only imagine the power, reverence and spirituality each of the three places you visited had on each of you. I think my three sons have learned more of the bible, from watching your journey in the three videos they have watched then in the last three years of bible study. Aunt X you look fantastic. I am so glad you are on this journey. We miss and love you.
    The Tre Liebens family.

  • Cheryl Rehmann says:

    Hi Mom and Dad! (Stan and Jean Pohl) A friend told us about this blog site and we are keeping an eye on you guys…haha. Congratulations on your vow renewal at Cana–so glad we got to see it! Keeping you in our prayers.

    Jeff and Cheryl and kids:)

  • Cheryl Rehmann says:

    Hi Mom and Dad,
    Glad to know about this blog site. We’ll be keeping our eye on you;) Love that we got to watch you renew your wedding vows in Cana!! Love and Prayers,
    Jeff and Cheryl and kids

  • Jeanine Skendzel says:

    Looks like another great day! Thanks for letting us follow along with you! Congrats to Mom and Dad on renewing vows on their 50th…..great picture!!!

  • The Hagens says:

    Hey Mom & Dad,
    (Stan & Jean Pohl)
    It was so special to watch you guys renew your vows! Brought tears to my eyes! It’s amazing to watch these little video clips of your trip and read about your adventures. We are thinking of you constantly and missing you. We’ll pray for you if you pray for us…hahaha! Lots of love to you both!!!

  • Carrie and Dan Skendzel says:

    We send our love mom and dad. What a fantastic experience. Beautiful renewal of vows celebrating 50 years. We are praying for you and will light a candle at te grotto for you. We look forward to more highlights! Love, Carrie and Dan and kids.

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