The Throne of Satan at Pergamum

by Steve Ray on October 22, 2013

Another great day visiting two ancient sites starting at Pergamum as mentioned in Revelation 2. St. John, quoting Jesus, said they lived where the Throne of Satan is. We showed our pilgrims the place where the Altar of Zeus stood.

I explained that false gods have demons behind them. Zeus was the father of all the gods and the altar of Zeus would then be implied to be the throne of the head daemon, Satan himself.

Very interesting to read Scripture as walking thru these biblical cities. St. John says they had a man martyred names Antipas and yet the faithful stayed faithful even in persecution.

Weather was great and everyone is doing wonderfully – joyful, happy, helpful, learning and delightful to be with. Yor row we spend the day in Ephesus with Mass at Mary’s House.





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