Three New Pilgrimage Offerings: 2 Domestic and 1 New International

by Steve Ray on March 16, 2021

We have added three new pilgrimages for 2021. 

Do you know where the Catholic Church first started in the USA? The first Mass, the first Shrine and more? It was in St. Augustine Florida. Join us for a very historical pilgrimage, renewal of baptismal vows, some great meals and an afternoon to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is the only approved Marian Apparition in the USA? It is in Wisconsin. Join us for the Shrines of Wisconsin and celebrate the Year of St. Joseph at his national shrine where we will have a consecration to St. Joseph. Cardinal Raymond Burke will join us.

What country can be called the 2nd Holy Land? It’s where Paul did much of his missionary work, St. John was bishop and Mary lived there. The 1st Eight Ecumenical Councils took place here. It is Turkey which is now open for American tourists. This is our first time to do this extensive trip. It is marvelous!

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