Today we Climb Mount Sinai!

by Steve Ray on September 10, 2007

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This is always a high point for any pilgrimage to Egypt — riding camels for three hours to get 2/3rds of the way up Mount Sinai. They we scramble the rest of the way on foot. But the view from the top is stunning, especially as we watch the sun rise over the mountain range and the wilderness below.

To read the Bible from up here is amazing. How can one not be moved to recall that 3,500 years ago God descended on this mountain in fire accompanied by trumpets, winds and thunder. You might want to read Exodus 19.

What do you see on the way up the mountain in the dark, arriving before sunrise. This picture gives you a good idea. But not only do you see your camel's head and the tail of the camel in front, but you see the stars like you've never seen them before. It is DARK and the Milky Way is bright across the sky.

SinaiSunrise.jpgBy the way — speaking of Mount Sinai — who was the first man to break all Ten Commandments? To find the answer go to Exodus 32:19 (we have a Bible Search Engine on my home page and you can use that!).

I do not know if I will have reliable internet service in Sinai, so I am posting this blog in advance, just in case we don't.


  • Jennifer Disco says:

    Dear Steve, Janet and Dee,
    All eight who departed on Sunday AM arrived safely in Detroit. Besides a small gate mix up in Frankfurt the trip was uneventful.
    Terrie and I continued on to Dallas and had one last ‘trial’ to endure. We landed in Dallas but our gate was occupied. So we sat within 100 yards of our gate for an hour and half on the tarmak. So close and yet so far! After 27 hours of travel, I prayed for patience.
    At last we came to the gate and were joyously reunited with our families.
    I am praying for you all in Egypt.
    Jennifer Disco

  • Julie Capp says:

    Hi Mom (Lucie Sobolik),

    Congrats on the camel ride, how exciting. I know it may have been a tish scary, but we are proud of you. I bet it is amazing to see all that you are seeing. Take care, and we are praying for you all to have safe trip.
    Luv Ya
    PS. Looks like you were having a blast the night of the dancing.

  • Linda Scovel says:

    Hi Mom and Dad, (Roger and Sally Barr)

    It looks like you guys are having a great time. We love you and miss you. Your Granddaughter took the tropy. Tell you all about when you get home. We are praying for your safe return.

    Love, Linda Mark Grant and Mac.

  • Terrie Hartman says:

    Dear all,

    After 27 hours of travel and knowing my family was within walking distance, God decided to offer one last challenge. I’m just grateful that he gave me Jennifer as my travel companion. My patience was long gone and rational thought was in desparate need of sleep to recharge. In the middle of my whining, she hugged me a said, “We’re home!” I’m just surprised she didn’t slap me, too! The Lord knows I needed it!

    Blessings to you all for a safe journey in Egypt and back home again,
    Terrie Hartman

  • Pistos says:

    Hello, Steve. I hope this is not an inappropriate vehicle, but I’m hoping it is the best way to contact you about this without getting lost among a sea of other e-mails and messages.

    I am a Catholic blogger and software developer, and I also use WordPress. I have developed a plugin for WordPress called the Catholic Reference Extension. Once installed, it automatically activates Scripture and Catechism references (even those in old posts) with no work required on your part. You can see it in action at . This would, for example, allow your visitors to read the text of Exodus 32:19 without leaving this page and typing it into a search box.

    Regardless of whether or not you use it, may God bless you in all your continued efforts to preach the gospel and bring the kingdom of God everywhere.

    In Christ;

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