Tour the Jerusalem Jesus Knew!

by Steve Ray on January 11, 2008

HolyLandTempleSM.jpgWant a Fabulous Tour of Jerusalem during the Time of Christ?

At the Israel Museum there is a marvelous model of 1st century Jerusalem.

We take our pilgrimage groups there to give them an overview of the city which Jesus knew.

To see this in pictures, click here. To join us for a pilgrimage to visit Jerusalem, and this model, click here.


  • Ron Weed says:

    Know any tours to Jerusalem beginning middle of June? Thanks

    STEVE RAY HERE: We are taking groups to Israel in June of 2009 and 2010. Hope you can join us. Visit  

  • Ruth Stohl says:

    Steve, any tours coming up to Italy, my hsb and I are so interested in going with you. I heard you speak in Madison Wis on Saint Paul, have read your book and it was part of my recent conversion and confimation into the wonderful Catholic church. our Bible study watches your footprint of God series and love your work, your humor adds so much. Hope we can hook up with you on a tour to the great city of Rome. God Bless, Ruth

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