Touring Amazing Puebla, Cathedral, Rosary Chapel, Cooking Class and more…

by Steve Ray on December 1, 2018

We started this very event full day with a walking tour of Puebla. What a beautiful and historic and Catholics city. A highlight or certainly they magnificent Cathedral.

Our lunch was exquisite with tortilla soup and some appetizers we can’t even describe. The fillet mignon with a local Puebla sauce was unbelievable.

We had Mass and prayed the Rosary in — what everyone agreed was — the most beautiful chapel they had ever been in. One pilgrim he had been to Rome many times but have never, ever seen a chapel like this.

PART TWO: Mass at the Rosary Chapel.
Fr. Jame’s homily here.

Toured more of Puebla and ended with a very fun cooking class. We learned how make the classic and most popular Mexican sauce mole ( pronounced “mo-lé”).

The rest of the day was free for exploring, shopping and eating and one of the fine restaurants here in the downtown area. Enjoy!



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