Transfiguration, Cana & Nazareth

by Steve Ray on June 11, 2011

Great first full day with the climb to the top of Mount Tabor in the screeching taxis then to learn about why Tabor is the fulfilment of Mount Sinai.

Everyone always loves the wedding renewals at Cana and Mass in Nazareth where Gabriel brought the bitter-sweet news to Mary.

All are well, everyone very happy and exciting. They all looked better after their first full night of sleep. They now have a free afternoon and many are swimming in the pool or the Sea of Galilee, walking around Tiberias or taking a nap.

Video is here:



  • Tony says:

    Hope ya’ll are enjoying the Holy Land. A special shout out to the pilgrims from St. Francis. I’m keeping watch through Steve’s videos……. you go Fr. Jacob. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Blessings to all….. Tony

  • Stefanie and Benji says:

    Hi Mom!

    We hope that you are smiling that sweet smile – (you know the one we are talking about)! We just got back from Florida and had a great trip. Hope you are having a wonderful time – it is great to see you in the videos! I know you are taking lots of photos, and Ben wants to remind you to hold the button down, focus and click. Then align the red with the red and the white with the white. We love you so much!!!!!

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