Transfiguration, Wedding Vows in Cana and lots in Nazareth

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2018

This is one of peoples’ favorite days although every day is special here. The taxi ride up the mountain to the Transfiguration Church is always exciting and gets a lot of “oohs and ahs.”  Another great homily in the beautiful Church of the Transfiguration – a church built to be filled with light – guess why 😏

(Picture: one of our great drivers Haim)

All the married couples renewed their wedding vows in Cana of Galilee and I gave one of my talks there on the Gospel of John chapter 2.

Lunch in Nazareth was followed by a visit to the Church of Annunciation and the House of the Holy Family and I gave my talk “A Day in the Life of the Holy Family.”

The Church of Annunciation is the home parish of our guide Amer so it is fascinating to hear him explain the history and meaning of his own parish church. Imagine having your church be the place where the Angel Gabriel first spoke to Mary!!

Another fantastic day which ended at the Magdalena Restaurant, which is claimed by many people to be the finest restaurant in Israel. Nice end to a great day! Enjoy!

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