Transfigured on the Mountain; "You are Rock," "Feed My Sheep," and lots more

by Steve Ray on May 3, 2013

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Today we had our schedule altered because for the Christians here – this is holy week and Sunday is Easter. So Nazareth churches were closed for the day. Surprise! We had to change our itinerary.

Road up the Mount of Transfiguration

First we went to the top of Mount Tabor where the Transfiguration took place. Amer explained the fascinating history of the site and then I told the story of the three major biblical events that took place here.

After Mass at the top of the Mount of Transfiguration we went north to the Lebanese border to Caesarea Philippi (now called Banias) where Jesus appointed Peter as the Rock. If Catholics understood the site and its implications they were never leave the Catholic Church and would proudly defend the Faith.

Lunch in a Druze Restaurant in the Golan Heights before descending back down to the Sea of Galilee to visit two very important sites related to Jesus.

Yes, it WAS a miracle!

Second, we visited the place where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. An yes, it was a stupendous miracle. Read my article about this HERE.

Third, we visited Primacy of Peter where he fed the disciples early in the morning and appointed Peter as the Shepherd of his sheep John 21:1-20).

Full first day. We were back early so everyone could swim in the Sea of Galilee or the pool, rest or walk through Tiberias. We also had confession available. Then a great dinner and a free evening.


  • Libby Shortner says:

    Wow! It appears that you have had a wonderful day! We’re thinking of you and praying for you on your journey. Love you Mom and Dad! Continue to have fun!

  • Pat Gosky says:

    Hi Margie and Pat,

    Watching all the highlights on the videos is phenomenal! We will keep everyone updated for following along. Love and prayers from all of us!

  • Cyndy Mitchell says:

    Mr. Ray, Thank you so much for the opportunity to follow my aunt & uncle (The Ruvalcaba’s) during their journey through the Holy Land. I am enjoying the videos & I follow along with your itinerary daily!
    Cyndy Mitchell

  • Mary Peters says:

    Margie – you are experiencing a trip of a lifetime and I hope you are soaking it all in with your wonderful traveling companions. Love, Your Younger Sis

  • Katy Lennox says:

    Hi Mom and Dad! (Debbie and Billy Shortner) – Beautiful video, looks like y’all are having a great time! We love you and miss you! Enjoy your trip! -Katy, Kevin, and Brennan

  • Helen says:

    Dear Steve,

    How wonderful to be able to share this beautiful pilgrimage with all of you! It is such a gift for us to see the holy places that you all have the great privelege in visiting daily. Thank you for this wonderful link and glimpse into your travels in the Holy Land. Please remember us in your prayers. Great big special shout out to my dear friend Patricia Murray who is only “on loan” to all of you from Ireland. Thank you for letting me know about the link Patricia! Hope you are blushing mad now as Steve reads my message out. Greetings and God bless you all from Helen Gillen in Dublin Ireland : )

  • Scott McKinney says:

    Grandma Judy and Grandpa Harold,

    Devan really the waterfall in the video. The taxi ride looked really fast. We hope that was a one way road! Looks like a wonderful trip.

    Love, Scott and Julie and the kids.

  • Tessie Phillips says:

    Hello Margaret (Paine), Tom and Libby (Smith),

    So exciting to follow your footsteps–at a fraction of the cost! : ) Can’t wait to see what you see (and eat! 🙂 today.

    Thanks to the Ray’s for offering us this wonderful opportunity to “tag along”.

    Love, (Sister) Tessie

  • Joe and Rhonda Grabinski says:

    Hello to our dear sister Sue!!

    It’s now Saturday morning back in Michigan, and we are faced with another ho-hum day of mowing the lawn. We would much rather be with you in the beautiful Holy Land, touring all of the wonderful sites. It looks like you and the rest of your group are having a great time, and we’re very happy for all of you. The daily reports and videos have been wonderful to watch. Really nice feature for the folks back home. Before you left, you said that you would jump up and down and wave in front of the camera, so that all of us would be sure to see you. Well, we didn’t see any jumps and waves, but we enjoyed your smile none the less. The picture of you standing in the water last night was especially enjoyable. Lovely shot! By the way, you are looking rather THIN…. are they feeding you enough?? Haaa! Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of the trip in tonight’s report. With prayers for you safe return,

    Joe and Rhonda

  • Patsy Thomas says:

    Hi Tommy, Libby & Peggy:

    So fun following you guys–seems like we are with you!

    Tessie & I were watching the video together on-line & having fun finding you guys (like finding Waldo!)

    We are both praying for you all.

    Love Patsy(Sister)

  • Josh Janna Ayva Lukas Webskowski says:

    Hi Papa!
    How are you? We don’t see you in the pictures – is everything ok? We hope you are enjoying this special trip and time in Holy Land. Everything is ok here. And Ayva now has 2 front teeth!! It almost happened overnight:).

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