Two Parts: Planting a Tree in Bethlehem; Pilgrims Arrive Safely

by Steve Ray on January 14, 2010

Part One:
Muslims are trying to take over the Holy Land. It is not just about theology but about the land, every square foot of it. Christians only make up 1.5% of the population in Israel, Muslims over 16% and Jews over 80%. Christians are leaving in droves and the land is being acquired by Muslims.

It this continues the holy sites could be turned into mosques or museums and we will lose ever so crucial Christian presence in the Holy Land. So, I bought a small piece of land and planted an olive tree on it. You will see the video.

Part Two:
The pilgrims arrived today and we are now in Tiberias and settled in for the night. Tomorrow we begin our pilgrimage at the Mount of Transfiguration (Mt. Tabor), wedding renewals at Cana, and Mass at the Church of Annunciation in Nazareth.

Everyone is happy, healthy and excited. You can watch the video and join us on a virtual pilgrimage!


  • Mike says:

    Hey Steve,

    Is it possible for the rest of us to buy some land to help as well?

  • theresa in Alberta says:

    If I sent you my widows mite and some other readers sent you a widows mite or a shekle could some of us help you buy some more land in Bethlehem to preserve it for the (catholic) christians???

  • David Minihan says:

    Tell the group that we are praying for them. Thank you for looking after our family and tell my family hi, my mother Janette Minihan, sister Sherri Minihan, uncle and aunt Jerry and Mary Minihan. Enjoy!!! -David

  • Way to go Steve! How about setting up a foundation to buy more land so that more of us could contribute.
    Wish we were there.

  • Christina Minihan says:

    This looks like they are going to embark on quite the adventure! While your telling my family hi for my uncle dave (David Minihan) tell them I said hello too! I’m the daughter of Sherri and granddaughter of Jeanette! Hope you all have another wonderful day and I’m praying for the group as well 🙂

  • Cheryl W. says:

    Say hi to Msgr. Lavoie and Archbishop Pettipas for me!
    Nice to see they arrived safely.

  • Paulette I says:

    Say hi to my brother, Msgr. Charles Lavoie and Archbishop Pettipas for me.

  • Carmen Mitchell says:

    What an awesome memory this will be for you all! It is great to have your site to go to so we can check on our loved ones. I see my brother enjoying himself and reflecting on all of this. Hi and love to my brother Msgr. Charles Lavoie from myself and our whole family. We are all doing fine. Mom is much better – saw her today and she was moving around quite well. Will check back tomorrow…

  • Tim Minihan says:

    Shalom – Greetings from Tulsa, OK. It appears everyone is having a wonderful time. Please tell Jerry, Mary, Janette, and Sherri Minihan we said hello, we love them, and we are praying for a successful journey in faith and travels.

  • Hi to our sister, Marge Schneider – It was great to see you made it safely – We want to wish you a Happy 76th birthday on Sunday, 17th. What a birthday treat you are experiencing. Love from Helen and Jim

  • Jill Fielder says:

    I am so very grateful that you all made it safely….and with all of your luggage! Please tell Jerry, Mary, Janette, and Sheri Minihan hello and we’re praying for a wonderful trip full of many blessings!
    Love, Jill & Kolbe

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