Ultimate Biblical Run through Jerusalem!

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2011

I hit all the holy biblical site and documented them with video and pictures.

I decided people would like to see all the biblical and holy sites in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, including Calvary, the Tomb, the place Judas hanged himself, Gethsemane, the place St. Stephen was stoned, top of Mount of Olives, Pool of Siloam, where Mary was buried, etc.

So, I took off running with my iPhone to take video clips and pictures with explanations of all these places. Three hours and 6.5 miles later IT WAS DONE!

This is a fun and informative, biblical and spiritual adventure running through Jerusalem. Due to limitations with YouTube, it is divided into three 8 minute videos. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. (To see the map and where each picture and video was taken, geo-tagged by iPhone, click here.)

Part 1 of 3: From Notre Dame Center to Mount Zion, Western Wall and Pool of Siloam…

Part 2 of 3: From Pool of Siloam to Mary’s birthplace at St. Ann’s Church…

Part 3 of 3: From Via Dolorosa, through the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, other sites and finally back to Notre Dame Center.


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