Up the Mountain, Renewing our Rings and in Awe of Annunciation & Incarnation

by Steve Ray on October 11, 2019

This is the time of year that Jesus took Peter, James and John up Mount Tabor to witness the Transfiguration. Mass at the top (homily here.) The mountain is 1900 feet above the planes below and once I started at the bottom and went straight to the top to see how long it would take. It took me 55 minutes.

When we’re done, everyone says “It was going to be here, can we stay?” But we cannot stay because we have to get to Cana to renew our wedding vows which is always a highlight of the trip for couples.

From there to the cave in Nazareth where it all began! Here the Annunciation took place. We pray the 1st Joyful Mystery in the place the Angel Gabriel stood! The words of the Rosary were spoken by the angel for the first time HERE—and here God became man. The Incarnation did not begin in Bethlehem it was in Nazareth.

We got back to the hotel early so people had free time for swimming, having a glass of wine while looking out over the sea and relaxing.

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