Vaccines & Masks? My Response to Pilgrims

by Steve Ray on July 14, 2021

To all of you who have written about current Covid requirements on our trips. Thanks so much for writing and we look forward to sharing with you our favorite places in the world! All to the glory of God!

Here is what we know now:

My company, Footprints of God, will NEVER require vaccines or masks. Vaccines and masks are completely voluntary. But we have to submit to the rules of the airlines and of the countries we are visiting.

Here is what we know now, though things are very fluid. We are hoping vaccine requirements will fall away. It appears that all countries at this time will require a negative test.

You can register now in waiting and receive your money back if unable to travel. Check with Corporate Travel Services for their details (I delegate all the travel arrangements to CTS).

**Fatima and Lourdes departing 9/7/2021 (*Vaccine required – Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson)

**Holy Land trips (*Vaccine Required – Moderna or Pfizer)

**Mediterranean Cruise through Turkey and Greece departing 10/14/2021 (No vaccine required)

**St Augustine, FL departing 11/1/2021 (none required)

**Saints and Shrines of Italy departing 3/18/2022 (none required)

Hope you can join us and stay tuned for updates.

You can also contact our Reservations Team at 866-557-2364, or write them at

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