Via Dolorosa to Calvary to Mass at the Tomb

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2012

Up at 4 AM!! Following the footprints of Our Lord as he carried his cross through the streets of Jerusalem. Visit the place where he was crucified at Calvary, also called Golgotha. Join us for Mass inside the Tomb of Christ.

Then visit St. Ann’s, the birthplace of Our Lady, the Pools of Bethesda where Our Lord healed the crippled man at the Pools of Bethesda and then to pray at the Western Wall.

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  • Ann Schmidt says:

    It’s been a few months now since we were there and I find it grows more meaningful to me every day. I didn’t even know I wanted to go to the Holy Land! Now I see how deeply the pilgrimage has fed my faith and shown me in a completely new and profound way God’s incredible love, for me, for us all.

    When I saw the video of Fr. Bernard consecrating the bread, and elevating the host, a light went on and I saw Jesus in the tomb, under the appearances of bread and wine, but truly present to us, just as he promised, to be with us “until the end of the age!” He is risen! HE IS HERE! Alleluia!

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