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by Steve Ray on August 31, 2007

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Greetings from the Holy Land. Israel is very quiet and safe — but it is also very hot. We heard it was over 100 degrees each day over the last week. But it is better now. It can get very hot here, which is why we prefer to bring our groups in the milder months. Last March we had a surprise snow storm!

Janet and I got a good sleep, picked up our new Guide Cards renewed until 2009, saw a lot of friends, met with our agants and made sure everything is ready for the pilgrims to arrive at 2:30 PM Israeli time on Saturday.  Remember that Israel time is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time in the United States. So, if it is 12 noon in Detroit it is 7 PM in Isael.

Here is a short test video to make sure that the "Virtual Pilgrimage by Video" will work. I had some problems saving and uploading the videos at first, but after a few hours I figured it out. Now I think it will work very well and we are excited to share our favorite place in the world, not only with our 55 pilgrims, but also with you!


  • dan says:

    The video looks great here in New York… looking forward to the daily updates.


  • dan says:

    Also, just for context, here’s where the Notre Dame Center is:

  • Julie Capp says:


    Thank you Steve for the quick video update, surely appreciated. All of my prayers went out to you and all your pilgrims, as my mom Lucie Sobolik from North Dakota is traveling with you. Take care, God Bless, and I am greatful you made it there safely.

    Julie Capp

  • Steve Ray says:

    Thanks! How cool is that — the map! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

    As soon as the plane arrives and everyone is safely with me I will post a quick blog to you will know. Everything is very peaceful and quiet here in Israel and we will only be in the safest and quietest places.

  • Marianne Kostrewa says:

    Thanks for the updates of your trip. Our friend Anita Walters is one of the 55 on your bus. I cannot see the Vido. Don’t know how to do it.

  • Marianne Kostrewa says:

    Hi, It is Marianne again. After I sent you my laste note, I went back to the Vido Clip for August 31 and it was there. So now I will try to see the Vido on Sept. 1.
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your trip.

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