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by Steve Ray on July 7, 2007

The Virtual Tourist reviewed this way:

If you want to visit the Holy Land as part of a packaged tour, be sure to check out the trips offered by author Stephen Ray. His "Footprints of God" series is highly informative and the off-beat way he presents the information will give you a good laugh or two along the way. (Trying to demonstrate how Jesus rubbed mud on a blind man's eyes to cure him, Ray reenacts the scene by using chocolate syrup as a substitute. While this may be considered silly, Ray does in fact have great respect for the subject matter.)

I watched one of his videos before going to Jerusalem and it was very helpful as it not only pointed out the historical places, it put them in their proper Biblical context.

Ironically, I bumped into Ray and his wife Janet as they led a tour group through the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. As I talked to him, a few people went out of their way to recommend Ray and his tours. Stephen and Janet are very personable and will offer invaluable guidance to your trip. They offer several trips each year to Israel, Turkey, Italy and other places of historical significance.

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