Virtual Video of Pilgrimage Starting Saturday Evening

by Steve Ray on September 5, 2008

We have begun taking videos and pictures of the small Pre-pilgrimage group that arrived on Thursday. Starting today we will tour Acco, Haifa, and Caesarea. Archbishop Alex Brunett is not only a great bishop but also a wonderful man and a lot of fun.

Tomorrow the main group arrives making our group 83 people. Starting tomorrow evening I will be uploading videos to YouTube so you can join us on a Virtual Pilgrimage. You can watch them right here on my blog!


  • Jack Warfield says:

    What a great website you have , Archbishop Brunett I consider to be a good and close friend. I’m sure the group will have a wonderful time and an inspirational one, sorry My wife and I were unable to be with them thiis time, but both of us will be following them on this website. God’s Blessing be with you.

    Deacon Jack Warfield

  • nolan erickson says:

    excellent cant wait to hear back.

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