We Just had a Wedding in Cana!

by Steve Ray on October 18, 2011

Very cool! A couple in our group was married at the Church in Cana of Galilee. More soon with videos.



  • Ann says:

    What an amazing place to get married! My parents are there participating in the tour – we are keeping all of you in prayer. Hope each day is packed with graces and blessings!

  • Christine says:

    Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. We are so very ecstatic for you. XOXO From one of the ‘Chris’s’

  • Meg Pankow says:

    Congratulations Jill and Rusty! How wonderful for you to have your dream come true. Jill, you look beautiful. Have a wonderful trip!

  • J. Thorp says:

    Steve, thanks for posting! This is my sister and her fiance (now husband) — and we’re all rejoicing back home!

    You posted a better photo on Facebook — I’d like to blog about their wedding, and use the better photo, if you’re okay with that. I’d credit you and gladly link to your site.

    Blessings on the rest of the pilgrimage!

  • Kyle says:

    Ya mom, congradulations… I hope you got some good pictures! Hope your having fun and I can’t wait until you get back. 🙂

  • Ed Peters says:

    Tres, very tres, cool.

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