We’re Done; Too Short!

by Steve Ray on February 27, 2006

For new pictures of our trip, click here and scroll to the bottom.
Listen to Steve and Teresa Tomeo discuss this pilgrimage on Ave Maria, EWTN & Siruis Radio at 9 AM, Wednesday March 1. 

We just finished our pilgrimage and we head for the Tel Aviv airport tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Everyone had a wonderful time saying things like "it was life-changing" and "I never even thought of the safety issue since everything was so great" and "'we want to come back but only with Steve and Janet." It was truly a remarkable time!

This was called a FAM TRIP which stands for familiarization. We brought over priests, an important deacon named Ray Egan, Teresa Tomeo from Ave Maria Radio, Mary Elkins who is Jim Caveziel's manager and other wonderful Catholics who are interested in organizing pilgrimages to the Holy Land and using us as their guides. John Hale our Travel Agent from Corporate Travel helped subsidize the trip and joined us himself — really great guy! 

Our plane leaves at 5:30 AM and arrives home late Tuesday. We will be exhausted for a few days. But I will catch up here with other fun and informative and important stuff right away.

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