What Is It like to Spend All Day in Bethlehem? And Then Meet the Bishop of Jerusalem?

by Steve Ray on May 2, 2014

Today we call the Bethlehem day. We get up in the morning and head through the big separation wall into the concentration camp called Bethlehem. It’s not like a concentration camp and Nazi times, but it is very abusive and unfair to the Christians who are stuck behind that wall unable to leave their 7 square miles of confinement.

But it is always wonderful to visit the city where our Lord was born in to see the place, the exact place, where he entered the world. We also have Mass at the place with the Angels split this skies and came down singing and rejoicing about the birth of Jesus Christ.


It’s also nice to get all your Christmas shopping done in May 🙂  We take everyone to our favorite shop in Bethlehem where we support 65 Christian families with our purchases and everyone goes home with quality Olivewood product’s and other gifts. 

We also go to a wonderful dinner which is an authentic Palestinian meal with a whole lamb on the platter and a mountain of Palestinian rice after we have a rich dinner everyone stands up and begins to dance to the throbbing Arabic music (you will see!)

Then we had back through the wall into Jerusalem – and before we go to bed we stopped at that patriarchate of Jerusalem and have a special meeting with the Bishop of Jerusalem who shares with us information about the Christian situation in the Holy Land and gives us his apostolic blessing.


  • Tom Govern says:

    Looks like Teresa and Father Scott are back in business! Say hello to all the pilgrims, looks like they are having a great experience. It is fun to follow your journeys.


  • Andrea Howe says:

    It is truly amazing to watch these videos everyday! Today the video touched a very deep part of my heart. Seeing where Jesus was born, I teared up with the overwhelming amount of emotion that flooded over me. Seeing that all these places even through video only strengthens my faith that much more. Thank you for that! I can only I imagine the emotion you all felt being right there. Also the food that you all have looks sooooo scrumptious. I heard that you were having lentil soup today…I’m sure you enjoyed that Mother!! (Jonnie would be proud). Anyways, wanted to wish you all a safe journey and have fun. Luvvv luvvv Momma 🙂
    Oh one more thing for Father Courtney. I LOOOVVVEEE BEING CATHLOIC, WOOOP WOOOP!

  • Craig Borcher says:

    I love watching these videos, and getting a glimpse of this awesome experience you all are getting to have! I see nothing but smiles and joy. Can’t wait to hear about it! Hi mom, dad, Kristi, Jerry, and Father Courtney!

  • Barb Nickels says:

    Really enjoy watching the videos! First time I have ever seen my dear neighbors dance! (Jim and Dianne Cannon)

  • Charlie and Sue Wozny says:

    Hello Pilgrims…..especially our good friends Mike and Norma! Father Courtney….we are thinking about you too! We spent the afternoon working on the grounds with the CK Sisters. Sister Teresa is doing great and we will always be grateful for the role you played in her vocation! Oh….by the way, Father Courtney, when I mentioned to Sister Mary Helen that you were in the Holy Land with our good friends Mike and Norma, she replied, “oh yes…he is there for the…let’s see….how many times!?” She had a big smile when she said it. We are also thinking about the time you visited our home and we taught you how to play Dominoes. As only you can, you were encouraging my Lutheran mother to join the Catholic Church. Well….she did join the Church in June of 2012 and today, May 4th she is spending her first birthday in heaven. Send up a prayer for her please. God bless each of you as you continue your pilgrimage. Charlie and Sue Wozny

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