I Was on Relevant Radio Monday To Demonstrating Apologetics on Computer and Smartphones

by Steve Ray on July 23, 2012

Catholic and Bible Study for laptops, desktops, iPads, smartphones and more, all synced together

It was a fun show, because it is a fun topic and one close to my heart and constantly on my laptop since 1990! Last week’s show on Morning Air was archived. The show with Sean was on the basics of Logos and Catholic Bible study (streaming or MP3). My show on Ave Maria is Archived and starts at 12:50 minutes into the show.)

This show will be with Sean Herriott at 9:40 AM on Thursday. Listen live streaming HERE, get the podcast HERE. My segment is about 40 minutes into the show.

I have been using the Logos Bible software for years because it’s a robust program that is easy to use. I always considered it the premier Bible Software, but they had very little content for Catholics…

… but now that has all changed and Catholic need to jump on board! In 2012 the world has changed. Logos created an entire Catholic department staffed with near-geniuses. The result is paradigm shattering for Catholics.

When I study it’s as if I have an additional sense, or a number of research assistants at my side. Now I am going to shout from the rooftops. Catholic need to study and know the Bible more than anyone else. After all, THE BIBLE IS OUR BOOK!

Logos is amazing and simply best way for Catholics to study and know their Bibles and the rich teaching and tradition of 2,000 years in the heart of the Catholic Church.

A few of the features: Catholic bibles, Fathers of the Church, Catechism, all the papal encyclicals since the 1700’s, Councils of Trent, Vatican I and Vatican II, Catholic Commentaries on Scripture, the writings of Aquinas, Augustine, Cardinal Newman, John Paul II, the Catholic Lectionary, Chesterton and much more.

There are four packages available from cheapest to more costly, from fewer to more resources: 1) Catholic Bible & Catechism Library, 2) Catholic Foundations, 3) Catholic Scripture Study Library, 4) Catholic Scholar’s Library.

They range from less than $50 to $800 based on the size library you wish to purchase. You can then add other books and sets as you wish (for Christmas maybe). The books in the larger collections would cost over $6,000 in book form. Check them out with their full list of resources and pricing HERE.


Save 15% at Logos.com
when you use Coupon Code: “STEVE”

Works and sync’s on my laptop, my iPhone and my iPad…seamlessly (and also on their server!)

It’s one thing to have a software package for your computer. If you are away from the house and want to look up a passage, or cross reference a verse what can you do? Well with Logos, I can just whip out my iPhone and I have it all right there…even the Catechism.

Save 15% at Logos.com
when you use Coupon Code: “STEVE”

To see the Catechism package for under $50, click here. Use STEVE in Promo Code for 15% discount.



  • celestino thomas says:

    Hi Steve,
    Many thanks for the Logos software review. Was browsing the Catechism section and came across paragraph no.460 that says, in reference to Jesus: – “For the Son of God became man so that we might become God“. Note the capital “G” as in God.

    Do Catholics become “God” as per para 460? The Bible says that it different in Mathew 18:11, John 3:16-17.

  • Tom says:

    Celestino, the reference to that comment is (Reference Note : 80 St. Athanasius, De inc., 54, 3: PG 25, 192B.)
    St. Athanasius protected the church from Arianism. He wrote extensively on the Incarnation. You need to dig much deeper in these situations that simply comparing a verse to CCC. There is nothing in the CCC that is in conflict with scripture.

  • Bruce in Kansas says:

    2 Peter 1: 3-4 God’s plan is for us to share in God’s divine nature.

  • Corey says:

    About 8 months ago, I purchased the standard Logos scripture study program (before I knew there was a Catholic option). That is one complaint I have with Logos is that you have to search the site to know they have a specific Catholic package. Clicking on base packages only shows the standard ones and not a Catholic centered one. Nevertheless, once I heard about the Catholic package, I requested a change. Logos was quick to switch my package to the Catholic Scripture Study program. I echo Steve’s analysis of the Catholic staff at Logos. I was greeted by emails from Andrew and even exchanged some back and forth on some suggestions for additional material. After suggesting they add the Catechism, Andrew explained that it was on its way and would be added to my package at no cost. I have since recently upgraded at a discount to the Scholar’s package (although I in no way consider myself a scholar). The deal is just too good to pass up and benefits too great. I’ll be an even happier camper when they add some of your books to the list Steve. I see they are adding some more of Dr. Hahn’s.

    On an additional note, I recommend anyone who is thinking of buying a package or upgrading do so now. Logos is changing their packages soon and so if you do, you will receive what they add in the package change without losing what is currently in the packages. Also, if money is an issue, they have great 12-month payment plans.

  • Corey says:


    I’m sure you will agree that even with the Bible, any passage taken without reference to the rest of Scripture can lead to some interesting interpretations. The opening to para 460 explains it better, “The Word became flesh to make us ‘partakers of the divine nature’. In other words, Jesus did not become man so that God could have what is ours, humanity, rather Jesus became man so that we could share in what is his, divinity. Catholics recognize the real gift – and it is purely an unmerited gift – that we receive through baptism of being born anew and taking on Christ.

    In Dr. Scott Hahn’s book, First Comes Love, he explains this very well:

    “Divine family life comes naturally only to the Trinity. Thus, for Jesus Christ, it comes naturally, since He is eternally ‘one in being with the Father.’ His nature is divine, and only He is God’s Son by nature. So, if we are to become children of God by adoption, we must be remade in the image of Christ. Then the Father can see and love in us what He sees and loves in Christ. … this remaking, this new creation, takes place through the sacraments. In these, we’re raised above our nature, which is the very definition of ‘supernatural’. For us mere mortals, divine life can only come as a supernatural gift, a grace, which is precisely what we receive in the sacraments.”

    Good question Celestino. I’m glad to see you are reading the Catechism and asking the tough questions. Too many Catholics do not even take the time.

  • Deacon Joe Yannotta says:

    While technology is a good thing and I think it has helped us advance as a society culturally. I think it has watered down or taken out the spirituality of prayer and devotion. I have observed member of our faith community using their smart phone to follow along with the reading, all well and good but, like those children of old who sat behind us and flip pages in the Missals, the swiping and scrolling is a distraction and, (My Opinion) I feel we are not being attentive to the spoken word. What next, interactive Rosaries
    As a preacher I want to know and make eye contact with the people I am proclaiming the Word of God to.

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