Why This Voyage to Follow St. Paul, St. John and Mary?

by Steve Ray on May 22, 2013

Why is this trip unique for Catholics? Let me tell you why.

Most cruise lines think they know what you want. They plan their itineraries for gambling, touristy sites and beautiful skylines. They are not religious and usually have no regard for the Catholic faith. Because of that their “St. Paul Cruises” offer a mix of religious and secular excursions devoid of Masses and Catholic insights.

In our experience even “St. Paul Cruises” hosted by Catholic organizations, or sponsored by local parish groups are basically tagging along with the Cruise Ship Captain’s choice of ports and are never completely focused on Biblical sites.

We have developed a partnership with an excellent Greek cruise line that allows me to choose the ports-of-call. And what do suspect I did? Every port is a biblical, Catholic and St. Paul site.

We have secured a customized biblical itinerary that takes you to the BEST SITES related to St. Paul, Mary, St. John, the first councils of the Catholic Church, Rome and more. We conduct on-board seminars teaching on St. Paul, apologetics and the expansion of the early Church.

We have Mass at the most amazing sites like Mary’s House in Ephesus, outdoors in Corinth, the Cathedral in Athens and the Cathedral where Pope John XXIII served as priest in Istanbul. We always have holy priests to act as spiritual directors, hear our confessions and celebrate reverent Masses each day.

If Israel is where the Church was born–Turkey, Greece and Rome is where it grew up. Sail and tour the Second Holy Land with us as your escorts and guides You will not find a Saint Paul Cruise like this anywhere else.

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