Why Would Someone Visit Poland?

by fog_admin on April 1, 2019

Why would someone want to visit Poland? Janet and I visited Poland in 1985 when it was still communist. We smuggled Bibles, money and medicine into the Christians behind the Iron Curtain. Driving through the infamous Checkpoint Charlie into East Germany was a little bit hair-raising. While crossing between East Germany into Poland we held our breath. Everything went well but the oppression and the darkness and poverty was stunning.

Now we lead pilgrimages through Poland and what was once dark is now light and colorful. Those who were oppressed and withdrawn are now smiling and bright-eyed—the Catholic Church that was tightly controlled is now in full bloom.

Poland is the country of modern day saints. The pressure of the Nazis and the communists forged magnificent Saints and we walk in their footprints through their stories in their country.

We all know the story of Pope St. John Paul II and his heroic life and how he brought the Soviet empire to its knees. We follow John Paul II from his birth to his death. After a pilgrimage to Poland you’ll feel very close to the saint.

The popularity of the Divine Mercy has swept the world and we will visit the convent of St. Maria Faustina to pray the Divine Mercy in front of her relics in the church at her convent. One of her Sisters will address our group.

One of the most sobering moments of a pilgrimage to Poland is a visit to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Here we’ll see the cell where St. Maximilian Kolby gave his life in exchange for a family man. Standing in the courtyard where the prisoners stood that day is very emotional. We will also discuss St. Edith Stein, the Jewish convert and Carmelite nun who died in these camps.

The hotels, food, Catholic guides, buses and talks along the way only contribute to the glory of visiting this amazing Catholic country.

Italy is another one of our destinations this year. But there are two things that make it unique from other trips to Rome. Many people have visited the Eternal City but we will be extending the trip outside to three other profound spiritual sites. First, will spend two days in the medieval city of Assisi. Here we will have a cooking class and we will also have a wine tasting with our Catholic guide, Liz Lev.

We will also be visiting Lanciano home of one of the world’s most famous Eucharistic miracles with Mass in front of the stunning miracle. We will also celebrate Mass in front of the Facecloth of Christ at Manoppello. This is the face cloth that was on our Lord while he was in the tomb. My friend Paul Badde, the author of the bestselling Ignatius Press book “The Face of God” will join us and give a talk on this amazing face cloth.

Liz Lev, the most “in-demand” guide in Rome and our great friend, will be our guide for this pilgrimage. There are special streets opened up for Christmas shopping for which we will have plenty of time. All the highlights of Rome are included in our itinerary. We will also meet with the Swiss guards and have a talk from their captain.

Hopefully, you will be able to join us on one of these trips as we continue to explore and appreciate the great riches and traditions of our Catholic Faith.

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  • Joe says:

    I will miss the trip to Poland this year. When will you be having another pilgrimage to Poland again? I would like to go to that country.

    Joe, our next Poland trip is August 2021. Stay tuned!

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