Upcoming Pilgrimages

Israel has decided to open up and stop the closures. Our upcoming Holy Land pilgrimages are going to FLY!
They will sell out fast - no crowds!

Philadelphia Saints & Patriots May 2022! Book Now!

Saints & Shrines of Italy in March!

On-line registration available. Call 866-557-2364 or write FootprintsOfGod@ctscentral.net for updates.
See our new Peace & Protection Plan for international travel and pilgrimages.

Saints & Shrines of Italy – March 2022

March-18-2022 – March-28-2022

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Holy Land April 20-29 with Fr. Chas Canoy

April-20-2022 – April-29-2022

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Saints & Patriots of Philadelphia, May 2022

May-09-2022 – May-13-2022

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Holy Land May 2022

May-22-2022 – May-31-2022

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Oberammergau June 2022: Germany, Switzerland, N. Italy and Rome

June-14-2022 – June-26-2022

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Oberammergau August 2022

August-09-2022 – August-17-2022

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Holy Land September 2022

September-20-2022 – September-29-2022

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St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise 2022

October-13-2022 – October-23-2022

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Most-loved Pilgrimage! Jordan & Israel – See it all! November 2022

November-04-2022 – November-17-2022

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Holy Land: Legatus Exclusive for Spring 2023 – Dates to be Announced

February-15-2023 – February-24-2023

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Poland: the Land of Modern Saints and Vibrant Catholicism

August-05-2023 – August-14-2023

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Upcoming 2022-2025 Pilgrimages

December-30-2025 – December-31-2025

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We are back in the air!! Click the green calendar above for trips beyond 2022. Notice our Saints & Shrines of Italy and more. Contact 866-557-2364 or FootprintsOfGod@ctscentral.net for updates.